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Mission Statement

The purpose of this web page is to:

1. Provide thoughtful and informative writing that can be readily accessed by a globally-dispersed readership.

2. Take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities presented by this new technological medium in order to experiment with an alternative journalism. Micro-publishing on the World Wide Web is unburdened of many of the physical and fiscal limitations of conventional media. It offers global reach and a "bottomless page". Stories can be read at different times by different readers. Because it is far less capital-intensive, web media doesn't have to answer to the same, relentless profit motive that drives a bland, homogenous corporate mass media. This format makes it possible for the writer and reader to circumvent the information "gatekeepers" who filter the flow of ideas and information coming out of the conventional mass media.

3. Allow this writer to use skills developed as a working journalist and honed by years of traveling across the United States and around the world; and to continue developing these skills in all directions at once — writing news stories and analysis, personality features, travel logs, history, creative fiction, book reviews and more.

I have my freedom. I do what I love to do, the way I believe I should do it and at the speed I want to do it. Who could be more fortunate?

jt, cybertraveler