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WTO Photos: Faces of Resistance

  Dustmite speaks after being released from jail. She suffered a broken nose when, while shackled at the wrists and the ankles, she came to the aid of her friend Sprout.

Sprout was naked and being dragged by her hair down a jail corridor by three guards. Dustmite managed to throw her arm over Sprout's midsection. The guards (two male and one female) responded by lifting Dustmite up in the air and slamming her face against the concrete floor, where she left behind an enormous pool of blood. The guards took Dustmite to the infirmiry. The nurse who was on-duty told her that she would not receive any medical attention because her case "was not an emergency".

Sprout plays the violin after being released from jail. She encouraged everyone in the crowd to lift their palms up to the air and send "positive energy" to those who still remained in jail.

Jack, who is HIV Positive, was denied his AIDS medication during the four days he was in jail for entering the 50-square block "protest-free" zone in downtown Seattle. When he complained to the guards, they laughed and told him he would "just die a couple of days sooner."